From the recording Graveyard Tree EP

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Track 1 from Owl In The Sun's EP 'Graveyard Tree' released 2017.


Holed up in a field with the love of the band
Back from the road that’s taken the van
Pulled up tight, pulled up tight
The driving thought that sleep won’t take
500 miles to break, and a gig to make
What a day, what a day

Give me a ride in a DS
Won’t you give me a ride?

Thumbing on the slip, 45 outside
As the heat of the blacktop eats me alive
South of Paris, unforgiving skies
This hitcher can’t believe his eyes
A goddess with a style from another dimension
A lover on a bed of hydro-pneumatic self-levelling suspension
Rides above this lot
And I’m begging you just to stop

Citroen, Citroen I’ve fallen in love with the dreams of men
She’s always got half an eye on the boys around the bend
She’s fast in the night, she’s fast all right
The air gives way to let her pass
Is the shape of her front it’s the shape of her arse
It’s the turn of her fender that makes it surrender
Oh these are curves to remember

When your life is like a finished book
And you’ve written all the pages
Will you dare to take a look?
At the one where she threw you a smile
Flying down the auto-route