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  1. Graveyard Tree

From the recording Graveyard Tree EP

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Track 2 from Owl In The Sun's EP 'Graveyard Tree' released 2017.


Judy pauses on the stair, her blue eyes red but dry
Waiting for the latch on the door, or the slap of his stick upon the floor
Polly oh she’s pretty and she’s free, to make him feel like the man that he’d planned to be
But he’s a trickster all the way, it’s a game and there’s going to be a play

Graveyard tree: forbidden fruit, hidden seeds

The summer of 1662 was as dry as any could remember
As she moved across the yard, the heat almost made her surrender
Standing for the buried and the dead, the crosses didn’t even put her off
Berries fall like guilty heads, just a handful ought to be enough

So grind and grind in the mortar, see that every seed has come to harm
If Jack Ketch can get it right, what a treat that we’re going to have tonight
Stock still on the stair, as the latch is lifted on the door
My love I’m going to make you tremble, drink it up and be sure to have some more

In the shade of the graveyard tree, roots are moving through the ground
Children playing in the leaves and the fruits are falling down